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How to Register for this Course

Once your application is accepted, and since the entire program is one course, you will need to register with The George Washington University as a Non-Degree student.  This will take four steps.  Please read through the instructions below and follow each step carefully and in sequence.

(1) Apply online for admission as a non-degree student (
* Since you are new to the application and do not already have a PIN, please click on the "Create an Account" button to register for a new account.
* In the application, select “General Study” as your program of study.
* You will be required to pay $25 application fee.

* The Office of Non-Degree Students will review your application and send you an e-mail indicating whether you are eligible to enroll as a non-degree student.  This may take one or more business days for processing.

(2) As soon as you receive confirmation of your eligibility to register as a non-degree student, use the GWID provided in the e-mail to create your GW NetID and GW e-mail account (  The NetID is required to access GW systems, and the GW e-mail will be the address to which the GW sends all official communications, including your e-bill.

(3) Enroll in the following course by following the registration instructions included in the e-mail confirming your non-degree status.
You will be able to register through GW’s online system (GWeb):

Course: CPED 6551
Title: Second Language Instruction

The course is listed in the schedule of classes (, under the following path: Summer 2012\ Online Courses\ Curriculum and Pedagogy\ CPED 6511.

(4) Once you have completed registration, and you have been assigned your 9-digit GWU ID# ('G', followed by 9 digits), please contact Anup P. Mahajan via email ( and let him know what that ID is right away.

To register for this course, you need FIRST to apply for admission as a Non-Degree student at
The George Washington University by clicking on the link below:

Plan your Study: Non-Degree Student Checklist

Once you have been admitted as a non-degree student and have received your GW ID,
you need to click here:,
log in, and register for this course whose CRN is 97359.

Full Cost: $543 per credit hour
(If you are sponsored by Startalk, you will only have to pay $300
in addition to the $25 fee for applying as a non-degree student at GW)

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