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In the years 1999-2000

In June-August 2002

Hi, this is Nada AbiSamra.
We--my family and I-- went to Montgomery, Alabama
at the end of June 1999 and came back to Lebanon
at the end of June 2000.
We returned to Montgomery in June 2002.
Here are a few web pages I created during the time
I spent in Montgomery.

A few pictures we took.
Click here to read my Research Proposal:
Emotional Intelligence and
 Academic Achievement.
International Wives' Web Page
I created it with one main objective in mind: 
Keep in Touch!
This year was so wonderful,
we made so many friends;
we always want to remember
the precious moments we spent together,
and wouldn't like to lose contact with them.

International Family Orientation Program
("We, all the spouses and children of international officers 
would like to Thank Colonel McCarthy, 
Mrs. Debbie Sharpe, Mrs. Peggy Funk, 
and All the other Volunteers 
for the wonderful two weeks
we spent with them in July...")
Don't forget to check
"What IFOP Consists Of"
A lot of Links useful to Newcomers to the USA.

The Military Spouse
("When the good Lord was creating military spouses, 
He was into His sixth day of overtime...")
I dedicate it to all the military spouses that are going to read it.

 If you haven't seen Karen, 
the gorgeous daughter of my Japanese friend Kaori Ando,
Click Here!

Click here to go to the page of my French Student
Lauren Henry.

"Women & Men Compared"
Click to see what our wonderful friend Bruce Danskine 
emailed me!

The photos of our dear friend
Cal Astrin!

My ESL class at IOS!

Computer Class:
My students' web pages!

Rhetoric & Style Course
Auburn University Montgomery
(Given by Professor Robbie Jean Walker)
Classical Progymnasmata: Refutation, Confirmation, Commonplace

Students' Classical Progymnasmata
Edward Pate
Nada AbiSamra

Lisez cette lettre: "La Patience"

June-August 2002

A few pictures we took.

Cynthia's Tae Kwon Do page
(Temporarily Unavailable)

Marcel's Swimming page
(Temporarily Unavailable)

August 11, 2002
Church of the Holy Spirit 

August 11, 2002
At Madelene's House!

Born in August 2002 ... Elea-Maria!

Elea-Maria AbiSamra, 1 day old
Click here to go to Elea-Maria's Photos!!

Dr. Glenn J. Saucer (OBGYN).
Thank you Dr. Saucer
for delivering my baby!

My special friend, 
Asmahan Daood!

The Ranieri's

Nada AbiSamra
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