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(The "Meeting Minutes" and "Mentors' Attendance" pages are still private) 

Welcome to the English Mentors' 
Web Page!

Our English Mentors are extremely talented and dedicated 
high school students willing to sacrifice their time 
to help their mentees reach their fullest potential 
and achieve their personal best.

If you would like to achieve your best 
in any of the following skills:

Writing, Literature,
Reading Comprehension (English, Social Studies, Science)
Grammar and Spelling, Vocabulary
Communication (listening and speaking),
Oral Presentation, Research, 
SAT (verbal), & Extended Essay Writing.(for seniors only)

...Call on our English Mentors.

English Mentors: 2004 - 2005

front row: Marcel & Nada || back row: Roy
middle row: Sophia, Zahra, Marwa, Lana, Diana, Lena, Daria

Private- Call For Mentees
Call For Mentees
Private- Application Form

Mentee Application Form

Mentor/Mentee MtgLog
Meeting Log
(For parents)

Mentors' Birthday Celebrations!
Mentors' Birthday Celebrations!

English Mentors
Mentors & Mentees...
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