American University of Beirut
Education 325: "The Problems of Teaching Writing"
Instructor: Dr. Ghazi Ghaith
Fall 2001

proaches & Activities
By Nada Salem Abisamra
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.A Brief History of Rhetoric and Composition
APA Documentation
APA Guidelines

Assessing Writing (Overview)
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Basic Writing Skills Guide Sheet
College Composition and Communication journal
College Essay Samples

Communications/Writing.(Courses at Georgetown University)
Composition- English 101- Department of English- College of DuPage******
Composition Center
Developing an Outline
Edit Avenue- Enhance Your Writing Today
Elements of Style  very good
Embedding Thoreau in a Writing Curriculum

English Teaching Forum
ESL Service Courses
Essay format
Essay Help
Essay Outline Format
Essay writing- The essential guide
EPO: Interviewing Strategies
EPO: Placement Resources
Guided Story Construction- (V. good)
Guide to writing a basic essay
How to Approach an Essay- Creative Writing for Teens
How to Write an Essay

International Writing Exchange
Journal: Language and Education
Journal of Second Language Writing
Journal of Teaching Writing
LinguaCenter- University of Illinois
Literary Terms
Literature selections (grades 6 to 12)
MLA Documentation Style
Modes of Writing
Online Journals & Articles
Online Writing Guide
On Teaching Writing
Oral & Written Presentations: Guidelines and Expectations
Organizing Your Ideas
Principles of Composition
Professional Writing Handouts and Resources
Proofreading Your Paper
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Research Writing
Resources for Writers
Rhetorical Modes of Exposition- Formats
Rhetoric and Composition
Sites for Teachers
TC's OnlineWritingLab (OWL)
TC's OnlineWritingLab: Helpful Doc.'s, Writing Aids- (V. Good)
Teaching Argument

Teaching ESL/EFL Students to Write Better
Teacher Ideas Press Home Page
Teacher Magazine
Teaching Writing
Teaching Writing Through Literature
The Cause-Effect Essay + Checklist
Tips on Creative Writing
The 11 Rules of Writing

The Eclectic Writer
The Elements of Style
The Internet Writing Journal(TM) -- Writers Write(TM)

Theme Pages
The Writing Instructor
TIPS' Résumés and C.V.'s Home
Transitions and Connective Words
Troubleshooting Comma Errors
Types of Writing
Types of Writing Assignments
Useful ESL Links- English Language Institute
Useful Links
Using Rubrics to Assess L2 Writing
Web English Teacher- Writing Resources
Writers' Workshop
Writing- By Dr. Ghazi Ghaith
Writing: Useful Articles

Writing.(Useful books)
Writing Assessment Handbook- Pennsylvania
Writing at Harvard
Writing Centers
Writing Guide- KU
Writing Guidelines
Writing help
Writing Prompts/Journal Topics
Writing Style and Technique- Excellent
Writing your own argumentative essay - 13 steps to take from start to finish
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