Job Opening: CLFW Representative

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Sign form-position-last2

Date Posted: November 14, 2017

If you identify with our cause and have a few minutes per week to spare, send an email to with the following subject: "CLFW Representative Position." Include your contact information (mobile number and mailing address) and a brief paragraph stating why you would like to join our family.


Job Opening: Executive Assistant
Date Posted: August 3, 2016
Job Closed

If you live in/near Washington, DC, Virginia, or Maryland, identify with and strongly believe in our cause, and are interested in joining our team as an Executive Assistant (Part-Time Position), please fill out the form below, click "SUBMIT," then send your resume and a cover letter to

Job Requirements:
- Be fluent in English, Arabic, and Lebanese
- Hold at least a High School Diploma and an Associate Degree or equivalent
- Have 1 to 3 years of related experience
- Strongly believe in our cause
- Be reliable and discreet.

Skills Needed:
- Writing Skills
- Reporting Skills
- Microsoft Office Skills
- Social Media Skills
- Organization Skills
- Time Management Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Verbal Communication Skills (in English and Lebanese).

Assist the director with daily work, including: 
- Managing the day-to-day activities 
- Planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and teleconferences 
- Organizing and maintaining files and records 
- Creating and handling databases 
- Creating Power Points and Excel databases
- Managing social media and website content
- Preparing and editing correspondence, reports, minutes, and presentations 
- Coordinating campaigns and events 
- Training representatives and campaign managers 
- Managing projects and conducting research
- Making travel arrangements 
- Providing quality customer service 
- Maintaining customer confidence and protecting operations by keeping information confidential.

Job Opening: Executive Assistant

Job Opening: Regional Coordinator
Job Closed


Part-Time Position
(If interested in applying, send your resume and a cover letter to

CLFW’s Regional Coordinator should be a Lebanese person (or a person immersed in the Lebanese culture) living in the US who plans and carries out all registration activities in assigned region. He/she should be fluent in both English and Arabic (reading, writing, and speaking), active in the Lebanese community and in at least one Lebanese parish in his/her region, and very enthusiastic for the Lebanese cause and the mission of CLFW/Project Roots. He/she is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing quality of service delivery.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Participate in events, generate leads, and act proactively on the ones received
  • Submit an online planning report at the beginning of each month
  • Develop and maintain a customer database
  • Make calls to new and existing clients
  • Develop and make presentations about CLFW’s services to current and potential clients
  • Fill out and submit registration forms to relevant consulate
  • Maintain activity records and prepare an online final/summative report at the end of each month
  • Respond to inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically or in person
  • Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships
  • Follow up on registration activity, perform quality checks on document delivery
  • Monitor and regularly report on registration activities/progress and follow up for administration (over the phone and during meetings)
  • Recruit campaign managers and representatives to help with mission in assigned region
  • Manage campaign managers’ and representatives’ activities (stay in touch with them and hold regular meetings for follow-up)

Education and Experience

  • Knowledge of relevant computer applications
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of public relations and customer service
  • Experience in public relations
  • Experience in making presentations
  • Proven ability to achieve target
Key Competencies
  • Be good at planning and strategizing
  • Be goal driven, proactive, creative, energetic, confident, well organized, and an innovative thinker
  • Generate trust, show integrity and empathy, be outgoing, be persuasive, and have excellent people/communication skills
  • Be a good public speaker and know how to communicate in multiple media, namely in social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Have good telephone communication skills: speak eloquently and professionally
  • Be computer/technology literate (basic knowledge of word, excel, PowerPoint, and Internet browsing)
  • Know how to motivate people, have good negotiation skills, properly handle rejection, and try and try again
  • Have good teamwork skills and be willing to share lessons learned and best practices
  • Continually seek and capitalize upon opportunities to build relationships and maintain if not increase customer satisfaction.

CLFW's Projects:

- Registration in Lebanon
Objective: Help all Americans of Lebanese descent, free of charge, to register in Lebanon and obtain their Lebanese citizenship in order to maintain the confessional and cultural diversity in the country
(Endeavor of CLFW, the Maronite Eparchies -- Project Roots, and all the other Lebanese Churches in the USA).

- Educational Trips to Lebanon
Objective: Improve the image of Lebanon in the youth of Lebanese immigrants' minds in order to incite pride in their Lebanese roots, encourage them to register in Lebanon, and motivate them to encourage their friends and relatives to register.