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The George Washington University
Education 282: "Administration of College Student Development Programs"
Instructor: Dr. Billy Molasso
Fall 2007
By Nada M. Salem

LeadershipStrategic PlanningAcademic Administration Financing Policy Interpretation & Development

A fourth set of Skills that the Dean of the School of Education Needs to Have in order to be a State-of-the-Art Dean is the Financing Skills: s/he should demonstrate a commitment to achieving excellence and innovation in
GW offers a few workshops related to financing; among those workshops:

Fundraising Skills Workshop | Facilitated by Leslie Tinkham
World Youth Movement for Democracy - Fundraising Skills Module: Developing your fundraising strategy
The $1 Billion Question

LeadershipStrategic PlanningAcademic Administration Financing Policy

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Top Schools of Education: Mission Statements
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