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The George Washington University
Education 282: "Administration of College Student Development Programs"
Instructor: Dr. Billy Molasso
Fall 2007
By Nada M. Salem

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A fifth set of Skills that the Dean of the School of Education Needs to Have in order to be a State-of-the-Art Dean is the Policy Interpretation & Development Skills: s/he should be able to Based on an article writen in 1986 by Bishop & Essex, we can advise deans of education to follow 5 steps in order to avoid legal and personnel problems:
  1. adoption of official policy
  2. policy dissemination
  3. policy interpretation
  4. development of handbooks
  5. action to ensure thorough communication with affected parties (faculty, staff members, students, and parents).
GW offers a few workshops related to policy; among those workshops: GW UNIVERSITY POLICIES

LeadershipStrategic PlanningAcademic AdministrationFinancing Policy

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