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The George Washington University
Education 282: "Administration of College Student Development Programs"
Instructor: Dr. Billy Molasso
Fall 2007
By Nada M. Salem

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Roles & Responsibilities of the Dean of the School of Education

According to North Carolina A&T State University, "The Dean of the School of Education is the chief academic and administrative officer of the School and reports to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Dean assumes responsibility for strategic planning, fiscal management, accreditation, personnel matters, and ensuring academic quality and outcome assessment of all academic programs. The Dean also oversees recruitment, evaluation, promotion and tenure of faculty, supports faculty development in teaching, scholarship, research, grant procurement, and actively participates in fundraising."

According to Missouri State University, "the Dean (of the school of education) is expected to provide professional, intellectual and administrative leadership, and to support faculty, staff and students. He or she will demonstrate sound fiscal management, promote excellence in teaching and scholarship, facilitate student recruitment, encourage faculty development, build partnerships with external constituents and public organizations, engage in fundraising, and facilitate the Public Affairs mission of the University as it relates to the College. The Dean will also serve as the head of the Professional Education Unit."

According to Governors State University, "the dean of the College of Education will report directly to the provost and vice president for academic affairs and will maintain overall responsibility for: instructional, research, and service programs; curriculum and program development; faculty and staff employment, deployment, and evaluation; student support services; fiscal allocation of available financial, space, and other resources; and all other aspects of college operations.

The dean’s chief responsibilities will include:

• providing leadership in implementing the academic vision and strategic planning for the college and its programs;
• working closely with division chairs, divisional faculty, and other college and university administrators to develop plans and initiatives that contribute to the immediate and long-term development and improvement of the college;
• ensuring compliance with all university, and state and national standards for accreditation;
• representing the college and university to both internal and external constituencies including faculty, students, alumni, and state, local and national organizations and agencies."

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